Values, Ethos and Vision 

St Helen's offers a range of educational opportunities within and beyond the classroom. We have high expectations that children will work hard in order to make good progress and we also expect parents to support this ethos.  Children build on their knowledge and skills as they progress through the school and their learning is tracked carefully to ensure that they are making good progress.  An appropriate and challenging learning experience is planned for every child with excellent teaching being central to all of our activities.  At all times we aim to create a classroom and school environment which encourages and stimulates learning and which nurtures social relationships. School is for everyone – for the quiet as well as the loud; for the shy as well as the confident; for the young as well as the old. We strive to ensure that each child has equal access to and equal opportunities in the learning process. We hope that the ethos of mutual understanding creates an environment in which all children can thrive. Indeed, our children are the greatest supporters and enforcers of this ethos and will insist that respect, tolerance and high expectations are maintained at all times.