St Helen's SLE

School Tour

See all of the below techniques in action and talk to a senior leader on a tour around the school.

Can be booked by SLTs, groups of teachers, whole governing bodies etc.  Tours last one hour and includes discussion with pupils about their learning.

Language Structures

An introduction to language structures - half day training for individuals or small groups led by Sarah Merchant at St Helen's.  This will include full access to materials, an opportunity to see the impact on writing in pupil books and talk to children.


An introduction to language structures - staff meeting at your school.


A range of training and visits available for student teachers or teachers new to providing for EAL pupils.


Inspire Maths

Half day training  for individuals or small groups. Come and see how we have implemented a Singapore approach to teaching Maths  in KS1. This will include an introduction to the theory by Lena Shete, an opportunity to see how we teach maths using this approach, talk to children and look at pupil work.


Learning without limits

A half day training  for individuals or small groups led by Lena Shete. You will see how to teach using a ‘mastery’ approach so that there is no ceiling to what the children  can achieve in class and all children can successfully chose their own level of challenge.



Costs of this training vary according to what is required. Costs start at £30 for a half day through to £250 for a staff meeting with preparation time. These costs will be based on the costs to our school for providing this training.


To book any of these sessions

or a bespoke visit to suit your particular

needs, please contact:


Clare Flintoff, Headteacher

Phone: 01473 251333