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International Street Festival

12th June 2013

Important information for parents and carers:


We are making the final plans for our International Street Festival on Saturday 29th June from 12 to 3 pm.  The event has been planned to enable us to share food, enjoy music and have fun with our families. 


Sharing Food

Please bring along a plate of food to add to our table of food from around the world.  We would love you to make something that represents where you come from or your family background.  Please label the food and avoid nuts if you can.  Please be aware that if you, or anyone in your family, has an allergy or food intolerance that we cannot guarantee food will be as labelled.


Enjoying Music

We have a number of bands and events planned.  We would love you to share by having a go in our busking area.  Please bring along your instrument or be prepared to keep us entertained!  Parents as well as children are encouraged to take part!  We also want to play background music from around the world so if you have a CD to share please label it well and bring it on the day.



Do you know a traditional story from around the world or do you have a favourite story that you would like to tell, or a favourite book to read to an audience?  If so, please be ready to sit in our story-telling chair in the churchyard.


International Hat Competition

We are asking children of all ages to take part in this competition.  Design a hat to represent any country of the world. Your design can be as fanciful, wild and outlandish as you like. The only rule is that you must be able to wear it on your head, and we must be able to tell what country your hat represents. There will be a first, second and third prize, so get busy designing and making!


Volunteers needed to help set up and clear away – if you can help please come along at 9 am for an hour or so to help set up, or stay at 3 pm to help us clear away.  Thank you!



If you would like to enter our free draw to win the following prizes please tear off this slip and bring it along on the day itself. Please do not return to school in advance.


Prizes:  Day’s golfing for up to 4 people at Bramford, signed ITFC pennant, Cakeland voucher, three £20 cash prizes!


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