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What did Year 5 say about working with their parents on 11th December?

posted 14 Dec 2012, 01:41 by Clare Flintoff   [ updated 14 Dec 2012, 01:47 by Dale Collins ]
"Thank you to the parents and carers and grandparents and older brothers and sisters for coming to our share day.  You made it great"
"It was really enjoyable"
"I liked meeting some of my friends' parents"
"It was exotic because we were in the rainforest"
"It was a unique experience"
"It was phenomenal"
"It was really fun and good for learning"
"I learned more about the rainforest"
"I liked the maths we did"
"My mum said it was enjoyable to do art"
"My step dad liked how it was broken up into half hour slots because there was enough time to do lots of things"
"The learning was educational and fun"
"It was fantastic that our parents could learn about the rainforest"
"My dad said all the kids are really well behaved"
"My dad said it was like turning the clock back to the 80s because it reminded him of being back at school!"
"Like a shooting star we went into the rainforest - that's what it felt like"