Marvellous, Magnificent Maths


Marvellous Magnificent Maths!

WeMaths at St Helen’s

At St. Helen's we are keen to promote mathematics as a key life skill.  


The children at our school have a wonderfully positive attitude towards this subject and see its purpose very clearly. 

The speech bubbles show the thoughts of the children - these were collected in the summer term 2013.  

There are key areas of mathematics that the children study, such as number, shape and space, data handling and, most importantly, using and applying mathematics. 

We try to look for patterns in everything that we do.  We then try to generalise- using our favourite questions - What do you notice? What's the same? What's different?' 

Mathematical thinking is used in every lesson - where everyone has to use their thinking skills. 

We currently use the National Primary Framework as the basis of our teaching and learning and we are now in the process of trialling the New Primary Curriculum - which we will be using from September 2014. 


Our aims in teaching mathematics are that all children will:

  • become numerate and tackle mathematical problems with confidence

  • develop mathematical thinking skills, so that the children will have the ability to question

  • develop the skills which are needed to meet the demands of adult life

  • use mathematical language effectively and confidently

  • develop positive attitudes to mathematics, recognising that mathematics is both useful and enjoyable

  • be able to use and apply their skills in other subjects.

World Maths Day

In the videos below we are practicing our timetables!

At St Helen's we like to celebrate success within our Maths lessons. Please see below for our magical maths moments!

Primary Maths Challenge 
Next week 18.11.13- some of our most able Year 5 and 6 mathematicians will be taking part in the Primary Maths Challenge.  This is a short, one hour, challenge that involves children from all over the country. 

Maths newsletter -July 11th 2013

Please visit it's a fantastic way to learn and really great fun too!

Math is fun! We think that and so do the people behind this website:

It is so important that children learn the multiplication tables.  This site:

has loads of fun games to help you do so!

Another great maths website can be found here:

Here is the Reception Maths presentation used at the Reception evening.

October Mathematics in the Early Years- Parents' meeting V2 ‎‎‎(2)‎‎‎.mp4