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At St Helen’s we believe that P.E. is a vital part of the school curriculum and we aim to give all our children the chance to play and compete in as wide a range of sports as we possibly can. As well as a broad selection of sports being taught through P.E. lessons the team at St Helen’s also offers a diverse and exciting range of extra curricular clubs for children from all year groups.

P.E. is not only about playing sport though, it helps teach the children the importance of healthy lifestyles and improves their learning skills and concentration for lessons. Working alongside the team from S.H.E.E.P. (St Helen’s Healthy Eating and Exercise Project) the children are learning about the importance of eating well, being active and taking care of their bodies.

Minds are also important at St Helen’s and our Be The Best You Can Be programme ensures that children learn about the mental qualities of good sports people - resilience, determination, hard work, team work, good sportsmanship, courage and respect.

Below is an outline of some of the sports that the children are involved in during the year at St Helen’s.




Cross Country









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Please go to the Sports desk opposite for the latest sport's news from our roving pupil reporters. 

P.E. In Action

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PE and Sport Funding

Here is a link to our PE and Sport funding plans and results.  We strongly believe that we make the best use of this funding in order to improve provision and results in PE and sport.     

2014-2016 Action Plan
2013-2015 Action Plan


Sporting Heroes

Some of our children develop into amazing "Sporting Heroes" in their time at St Helen's!  Often they have aspirations for following a sporting career.  They are equally as determined with their academic studies too.  Here are some comments from children who have recently moved on to High School.  We wish them well and we hope that they continue to inspire other children in the future.

Maisy said:
PE at St Helen's has changed who I am and it has meant a lot to me to be able to show the real me.  I have enjoyed the encouragement.

Joe said:
PE at St Helen's has helped me to improve my fitness.  He is also proud that he represented the school in every year group during his time in Key Stage Two.

Tyrone said:
PE has made me confident not just as an athlete or a team player but in all other subjects too.