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Sports Desk Breaking News!

posted 8 Oct 2015, 08:10 by f.jamieson@sthelensprimary.net   [ updated 12 Nov 2015, 17:00 ]
Our reporter and participant Tom has just sent in this report on the recent table tennis competition....

Ping pong, the ball is going crazy, hither and thither. The teeming crowd are watching with excitement, wonder and astonishment for this awe-inspiring event! 10-7, match point. I just need this point then I’ve won the game! Nooo, my backhand let me down;  it’s now 10-8. My serve goes right in the corner - surely he can’t return that… But he does. This rally is getting really intense! Here and there faster than a flash of lightning and less reckless than a mouse! Control is what you need to win a game of table tennis.  Finally a quick fore-hand ends the rally. YESS! 11-8 to St Helen’s…

Once the main competition was over; the best team in each “league” went through to the next round. (There were 3 boy “leagues” and I don’t know about the girls). Sadly we didn’t win in our “league” therefore meaning we didn’t qualify but hey. It’s the taking part that counts. Plus anyway I proud for what we did and for our team winning 6 out of our 12 ( I think we needed one more win to get through but I don’t actually know,) games and nevertheless who can say they faced people in a table tennis competition much better than they are but still come close so qualifying. We were the best we could be!