Personal Development - BTBYCB and Learning from Kenya

Welcome to the St Helen's Personal Development page. 'We pride ourselves in how we develop the whole person.'

We first Launched the Be the Best you can be programme in 2013-14. It consisted of 7 themes, which were covered throughout the year in lessons and assemblies. In 2014-2015 our aim was to pick up the most significant aspects of it and reinforce the learning that took place last year. These aims were:

- Increasing self-confidence and aspirations

- Inspiring engagement with the ethos and values of the Olympics, while harnessing the Olympian spirit

- Providing new skills to support and challenge dreams and aspirations

- Awakening their potential by enabling the development of their personal strengths and capabilities, raising awareness and taking responsibility for their future opportunity and choices

- Developing confidence and self-respect to become more aware and appreciative of skills and qualities and a willingness to speak out and share personal thoughts and feelings

- Enhancing resilience and creating greater ability to deal with disappointment and to bounce back from setbacks

- Recognising the need for, and benefit of, how to be safe, regular exercise, good nutrition, skill mastery and how to respond to physical challenges

- Learning to become independent thinkers and the courage to say no to bullying and peer pressure

- Learning to work collaboratively

- Encouraging and motivating each other to pursue their personal development

Re-launching 'Be the best you can be' this year!

We re-launched our 'Be the Best you can Be' programme again in October 2015. Our special launch day was Monday 5th October 2015, with a visit from Hannah Beharry, who is an amateur boxer.

Our 6 themes for our Be the Best you can be programme 2015-2016 are as follows:

Autumn term 1: Understanding the BTBYCB language.
Autumn term  2: Acceptance that excellence and achievement will come through hard work (linked to IPAT excellence fortnight)
Spring term 2: Empathy for others.
Spring term 2: Resilience (it is okay to make mistakes)
Summer term 1: Building self-esteem and independence.
Summer term 2: Exploring what success means.

What our children have said...

·  91% of the children surveyed were aware of their strengths and talents

·  91% knew what a goal was, with 86% knowing how they were going to achieve theirs!

·  88% of children described themselves as 'self aware'

·  84% of children said they had stepped outside their comfort zone on more than one occasion recently

·  86% of children felt they were more resilient

·  83% of children feel like they have "inner strength"

·  87% of children say they have more determination

·  90% realise that healthy eating and exercise can help you to have a healthy mind for learning

·  72% are aware that your emotions can lead to you having different reactions

We know that the impact has been huge and we are happy to talk to parents or visitors about the changes we have noticed in children's attitudes to life and learning.
Friday certificates in assembly

Each week one pupil in every class is noticed by their teacher and receives a certificate in our Friday assembly. Look out for these on our St. Helen's TV screens. Watch this space. Soon you will be able to follow this link, to view this weeks certificates...

Learning from Kenya

The charity we are supporting this year (2015-2016) is Kenya 'Education Exchange'.  Our Learning from Kenya charity was set up by Dave Shorten from Education Exchange. Dave visited our school on Monday 14th October 2015. He delivered an assembly to all pupils at St. Helen's, explaining where Wundanyi in Kenya is. All money raised for this charity will go towards the following:

1. Upper Planet training centre: The mobile phone signal is good in Kenya but there is little internet. Computing skills are therefore not taught for Kenyan children, so the centre provides computer training to boost employability and chances to get to university. 30 students qualified in the first 3 years. Also, a cyber Cafe and mobile phone banking.

2. Taita Environmental Initiative: This is a loan scheme to help 30+ people to clear debts, start business and pay for children to go to secondary school (primary education is free in Kenya but secondary costs £230 p.a, where annual income is £1000 average). Also, it supports a children's home for orphans. There is no state support so orphans are usually looked after by families. It has provided furniture and a tap, through donations. It also supports the 'Wundanyi Disabled Persons' group, which helps disabled people start businesses and have materials e.g. A jerry can so someone can take milk to sell at the next village. It also supports environmental projects e.g. solar panels, eco friendly cook stoves, clean water, plant trees, fence off conservation areas.

3. Mvono Medical clinic: This supports two member staff staff providing for the poorest people. They need anti malarial drugs, mosquito nets, anti and post natal services.

Kenya celebration morning
On Friday 4th December, Margaret Lesuuda who is the Education Attaché at the Kenyan High Commission in London, came to visit St. Helen’s Primary School! St. Helen’s Primary also welcomed children from St. Gregory’s Primary, Melton Primary School, St. Mary’s Primary and Newmarket College also took part in the special event. Margaret met the children from each school to see what they had done, hear stories and talk to them about what they had learnt. The St. Helen’s School choir were fantastic and astounded us by learning and singing the Kenyan National Anthem, in Swahili! This was in honour of Independence Day on 12th December. 

Please click the below link for our Education Exchange Journal This will update you on our 'Learning from Kenya' journey so far...