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Guitar Tuition

Guitar Tuition - Year 6 children

If your child enjoyed learning the guitar in Year 5 as whole class tuition and wishes to continue learning the guitar, we can offer small group tuition 30 weeks of the school year,  with a tutor from the Suffolk County Music service. This will be delivered during the normal school day and we can continue to provide an instrument free of charge for as long as your child continues tuition.

The charge for 2016-2017 is £160.00 per annum. This is equivalent to only £5.33 per lesson. To spread the cost we are able to offer the following payment options below, but please be aware the school will be charged annually and so if you enrol your child for tuition, we ask your commitment to pay the full annual fee by June 2017.  Unfortunately refunds cannot be made if your child no longer wishes to continue with their tuition.  

An annual payment of £160 or termly payments Autumn £60, Spring £50 and Summer £50.

If your child receives free school meals a reduced annual rate of £40 can be offered.

Please email Mrs Rees clubs@sthelensprimary.net if your child would like a place.