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Library Displays

A seasonal 'fill in'

              A selection of new books

The Bug Club Family
Characters from our online reading scheme.

         The Minion's proved very popular!

We had many readers for the aliens to visit

The year 5 and 6 children brought in their teddies and parents to share a book together.





World Book Day 2016

The theme of the day was 
'A Book I Would Like My Teacher To Read'.

Children entered a competition to recommend a book they would like their teacher to read to the class. Each entry had a book description accompanied with an illustration. The books for each winning entry were purchased, so the teacher could read the book to the class.

In addition, all teachers made a reading promise for the coming year and these were added to the display in speech bubbles.

(photo of display to be added very soon)

World Book Day 2015

The theme of the day was 'Retro Reads'.

Many staff provided a younger photo of themselves and also wrote about a favourite book from their childhood, with an accompanying picture of the book. 
Several of these original books were found for the display. 

This also became a competition to guess 
the member of staff from their photo 
... some were very tricky.

World Book Day 2014

The theme of the day was 'Fairy tales'. 

The Children made a fairy tale scene in a shoe box and came to school dressed as their favourite fairy tale character. 

This display shows photos of staff and children dressed up in their costumes and fairy tale characters drawn by keen artists.