MIST stands for Maths Improvement Skills.
  • We formed to help with maths problems
  • We are children in school who are skilled at maths
  • We offer help with maths
  • We visit classrooms to see how maths is going
  • We make sure there is no lack of maths
  • We took photos of awesome maths and displayed them on our maths board
  • We are planning to run homework help for Year 3+Year 4 on Thursday lunchtime
  • We used to have a maths wheel but we are currently thinking about its best use
  • We will change this website to show what we're doing

The children are currently working on developing content to put on this page. We look forward to developing this page further.

Thank you to our outgoing Year 6's who have worked tirelessly for MIST. We welcome our new MIST team (See photos below)