Welcome to Savannah Phase!

In the ‘Savannah Phase’ we begin the next chapter of your child’s education. We move from teaching Early Learning Goals to the National Curriculum. Throughout the phase, we set aspirational but achievable goals for both learning and behaviour. We see the importance of developing independence as an integral part of our teaching so that children are prepared for their future both in school and outside of school.

The structure of the day moves from children choosing their own learning in EYFS to more formal lessons in Year 1. This prepares children for the rest of their school journey. We deliver a broad and balanced curriculum which includes lessons such as English, maths, science, art, music, PE and more. We aim to provide children with real-life experiences by planning exciting trips outside of school to compliment our topics and themes. You will also be invited into the school once a term to take part in a SHARE session whereby you can work alongside your child and see how and what they have been learning.

We hope that this gives you an insight into our exciting and caring phase but if you have any queries, please do contact your child’s class teacher.

Savannah Team

Miss Wyard Lion Class.mp4

Miss Garnham Giraffe Class.mp4

Final Elephant Class Presentation .webm

Lion Class Social Story September 2020.webm

Giraffe Class Social Story September 2020.webm

Elephants Social Story September 2020.webm

Zebra Class Social Story September 2020.webm