The Rainforest phase of St. Helen’s Primary School gives chances for children to break out of their shells, to shout from treetops and to let their inner knowledge and creativity glow in order to succeed! 


Individuality and Equity

Equity is strong in Rainforest phase as every pupil has a chance to have their say in different lessons. Each pupil has the position to work with each other - to lend a hand to their classmates when needed. 

We are offered the chance to have the freedom to do speak or write about what we’d like to - to bring out our creativity and capability to do tasks without many instructions from the teacher. Often, our teachers say, ‘Over to you!’ Having said that, we receive support if we need it. Nobody is belittled. Everyone progresses. And this is equity.

Behaviour and Attendance

Behaviour and attendance in the Rainforest phase is crucial for learning and our data shows this can vary between classes, by age and health. It is crucial not to miss our sequences of learning - so we all strive to be in school unless very sick- and each class is rewarded if every child in the class is present. In our phase, behaviour is excellent due to years of receiving lessons on general respect, kindness and positivity. We want to put learning first. We have courage and are kind. Teachers will discuss any behaviour issues with us and plan ways to fix problems. We are always given a chance to act positively. 

A lot of schools say, “The sky is the limit!”- we say, however, “There is no limit!” In this school, we reflect off of who we really are, not trying to fit into a mould of who we think we ought to be. This school is a like a colourful mosaic and we all try to get along.

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves”

-Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

High-quality teaching and learning

Teachers in Rainforest phase classes try their very hardest to allow their pupils to obtain the skills that they need in certain subjects to reach their highest potential. Each year is associated with a special set of skills and concepts that are covered over the school year, which will raise concentration and focus levels. We also focus on how to learn and our wellbeing so that we can learn. If we do not grasp a concept or skill, we are given the chance to practise individually, with adult help. This is called a ‘prescription’ and anyone can get one. We feel that we are valued here.

Pupils of Rainforest phrase are encouraged to be open to different languages like French, Romanian or Bengali. We are used to having friends with different identities and cultures. Thus, they can understand what it might be like to move to a country and develop a tolerance in the world. Also, we can aim to have the confidence to travel and explore without feeling out of place. 

“Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy.”


By Ruby-Jean 

Year 6

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