Trip to Alexandra Park

posted 24 Feb 2016, 05:28 by Glenn Parfitt

A reminder that tomorrow afternoon we are taking the children to Alexandra Park and next Thursday afternoon we are off to the library as part of world book day.

A big thank you to all volunteers we plan on leaving tomorrow at 13:15.

There will be no shared reading session for the next two weeks.

Please could you arrive at the school at 13:00.

Week Beginning 22nd February

posted 10 Feb 2016, 12:39 by Glenn Parfitt

Our theme after we return from the half-term holiday is traditional tales. We start this topic by linking our work in the classroom to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Activities include: retelling and acting out the story, measuring different lengths, counting and setting beans and asking ourselves philosophical questions such as, 'Was Jack right to take the giant's gold?'

Alexandra Park visit

posted 10 Feb 2016, 12:26 by Glenn Parfitt

As part of our topic, Jack and the Beanstalk, we are considering taking the children on a visit to Alexandra Park on the afternoon of 25th February. Our main purpose is to allow the children to explore the climbing equipment in the park, but we will also walk around to explore the park for the early signs of spring. We would welcome adult support for this trip.


A reminder that we are also visiting the Library on the afternoon of the 3rd March and would welcome support on this afternoon as well.

How can you help?

posted 6 Feb 2016, 03:22 by Glenn Parfitt

We spend Monday mornings in Reception talking, drawing and writing about what we did at the weekend. This is a really useful activity and helps children develop writing skills. A number of children are starting to arrive on Monday mornings wth clear ideas about what they are going to write about, which helps immensely with the quality of their writing. We appreciate that not all weekends are filled with 'wow' moments, but it would be really useful if you could spend a few moments with child, each weekend, talking about what they could write about. Something as simple as, 'I read a book with my mummy and it was fun' would be fine. 

week beginning 8th Feb

posted 3 Feb 2016, 06:07 by Glenn Parfitt

Our theme for the week beginning the 8th February is the Chinese New Year

Tapestry on-line learning journal

posted 3 Feb 2016, 06:05 by Glenn Parfitt

A number of you are accessing the Tapestry in-line Learning Journal on a regular basis. Some of you are adding comments and a few are adding pictures from home. This feedback is really useful for us and helps complete an accurate all-round picture of your child. As noted previously this was one of the attractions of this particular programme. So please add your comments about the activities your child is doing at home, regardless of how trivial they may seem to you. The pictures could include information about what you are doing, such as going to the cinema, zoo or a play area together.

Some people have sent through email addresses and would have received password details in your mail boxes. Please take the time to follow the advice so that you can see what your child is doing at school and how they are developing.

Some people have yet to provide email addresses and we would encourage you to do this so that you can be part of your child’s development.

We have included a blank email address form for you to fill in. We appreciate that for a number of you this is unnecessary.

Please feel free to speak to us if you have any issues regarding this.



The Early Years team 

We are always delighted when children bring work they have completed at home into the school

posted 29 Jan 2016, 11:30 by Glenn Parfitt   [ updated 29 Jan 2016, 11:31 ]

Week beginning 1st February

posted 28 Jan 2016, 04:10 by Glenn Parfitt

Our theme for the forthcoming week is monsters and aliens. We will be reading and using the book, ‘Q pootle 5’, to support our activities and learning in the classroom. 

Reception Update - Jan 2016

posted 28 Jan 2016, 04:04 by Glenn Parfitt

Tapestry online learning journey

A number of parents are now accessing the Tapestry online learning journey. Please forward your email address to your child’s teacher if you wish to receive regular updates about your child’s activities and progress in school. Some parents have asked if they are able to comment on the observations and we want to reassure and encourage you to add your own experiences and thoughts. We are particularly keen for parents and carers to add information that supports the learning occurring in the classroom. So for example, if the picture shows your child writing or completing number work then you could add your information about what is happening outside of school. It is worth stressing that the reason we chose the Tapestry programme was to encourage parent/carer feedback.

Education City

A reminder that all children have home access to Education City (it is the same password as Bug Club). Education City is a programme that children are familiar with and enjoy using within the class. Broadly speaking when using the programme the children are largely working at the level of ‘Butterflies’. It is worth pointing out that specific Education City worksheets can be printed off from the activity pages. Some children are doing this and then bringing the work into class to share with teachers and pupils. On occasion we might send home some work from the programme which we feel is useful for the children’s learning progress.

World Book day

An early warning that World Book day is on 3rd of March. As part of World Book day we have arranged an afternoon visit to the County Library in Ipswich. We would welcome any parents/carer support on this trip. Please let your child’s teacher know if you would like to accompany us. You may also have noticed that we have recently sent home applications to join the library. Children could bring these back to school and have a library card issued on the day of our visit.

New reading books

The school has recently purchased £1000 of reading books aimed specifically at the Reception children. These books complement the phonics work we are doing in class. The books have all been covered and will be starting to be sent home over the next two weeks. Please make sure you spend time reading with you children. Being able to read and experience books consistently comes out very high in the factors that influence academic progress and success.


We intend to start swimming on the first week after half term (week beginning 22nd Feb). Our swimming sessions will be on Friday afternoon. Children will need to bring in a towel, and named swimming costumes and hats. For your information, boys need to have ‘tight’ fitting trunks and the girls an ‘all in one’ costume. Children with pierced ears will need to remove their earrings. The hats can be purchased from the school office.

Finally, a big thank you for all the parents who have offered their support with the swimming sessions.

Share Day

Our share day theme this term is ‘blogging’. Our ‘blog’ will involve sharing what we do in Reception across the course of a week. The week planned is the week beginning 29th February. Further information regarding this will be made available closer to the date.

As always, please feel free to speak to your child’s teacher if you have any questions or issues you would like resolved.

July - Learning Journals

posted 17 Jul 2015, 05:50 by Glenn Parfitt

We have sent home today a hard ‘CD’ copy of your child’s learning journal. Many of you will have been able to access this via the ‘2Simple’website but some parents have found this difficult because of issues with 2Simple. As some of you are aware this is the first time we have produced learning journals in this format and, although this will be of limited interest to most of you, we plan, next year, to change to another company that provides much greater parent involvement.  

Hopefully you will find them of value.

Can we also take this opportunity to remind you that, weather permitting, we plan to have sports event on Monday afternoon at ‘Goals. Once again can we ask you to send in T shirts, shorts and sports shoes. A reminder that all parents are welcome to attend the event. Ideally we would like parents to meet us at the school at 12:50 to help walk the children down to ‘Goals’.

The teachers and staff in Reception would like to take this opportunity to  thank all the parents for their support this past year.  It has been fantastic to have so many parents attend our trips out, our swimming lessons and our reading sessions in the class. Without the support of you these activities would not have been able to take place.

Finally, we hope that you feel that your child has had a good year in Reception. We try very hard to get a balance between meeting the varied needs of all our children and also the wider academic requirements. We constantly strive and adapt our practice to achieve these dual targets. Our results, these are the emerging, expected and exceeding  statements highlighted in your child’s report,  are once again of a very high standard. Early indications suggest that once again the school will be achieving results above local and national averages. 

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