A message for Banksy!

posted 3 Jul 2012, 08:43 by Parent Account   [ updated 3 Jul 2012, 08:43 by Dale Collins ]
Hi Luke
Hope you're having a great time.  i see you have been on the DS quite a lot on the coach!! take a break from it and check out the view from the coach window! you'll get square eyes if not.
Callum is missing you the most, i don't think he likes sleeping in the bedroom without you so i let him have your bed and when you get back you can have his trucks bed :D
It's strange not being able to talk to you whilst you're away, just think, this is the longest you have ever been without talking to me. Even with your longest strop you have talked to me after a few hours or so!
Matt and i miss you very much and we have enjoyed seeing the photo's.  nice to see you at the front of the group ones, i usually hide at the back so i am glad you didnt and i got to see you. 
Dont forget to change your clothes everyday. AND NO GOING TO BED WITH YOUR SOCKS ON :-x
Matt will be off on Friday so he will be with there with me and your brothers to pick you up
Anyway, behave yourself, have an amazing time and treasure every moment. I will write on here again.
Callum says miss u Luke have a nice time, Matt says be good and have fun and Samuel says dadadadada gaaaa gaaaa gaaaaa pfffft!!
Love you, see you friday
Love from xMuMx xxxxxxx