Evy Boo Boo Boo-miss you pumpkin!!!!

posted 4 Jul 2012, 16:11 by Parent Account   [ updated 4 Jul 2012, 16:11 by Dale Collins ]
How are you doing my sweet pea? You are clearly nothing like your sister-she managed to be at the front of every picture taken!! Mr Jarvis- has he got too much to handle, have you perhaps (by accident obviously!) left him down the mine-you do know you would still be able to hear him!! In fact i'm sure we have heard him a few times in the last few days Lol.
Seriously tho Ev you have a lot to answer for-leaving us with Rhia!! She said today that all caves were man made, when we pointed out that most were made from the rain, she thought about it for a few seconds and then said "yes, thats man made then!" I ask you, and after last nights posting of the stampless letters I think I am losing my mind. COME HOME all is forgiven!!!
Missing you loads, keep enjoying yourself baby boy, bring some sanity home Lol.
Lots of Love Mummy xxx