Final evening.....(sob sob)

posted 5 Jul 2012, 12:59 by Martin Jarvis   [ updated 5 Jul 2012, 12:59 by Dale Collins ]

Hello mum, it's Angie. I miss you so much. Tell Barbara that I said congrats to her prom on friday. Very shocking but I miss her too! Not normal for me to miss her hehee! Anyways tell Carlos i say hi to him. I went to cadbury's world today loads of chocolate mmmmm......delicious. We should go there together because you and Barbara would love it. I'm guessing your jealous. Please reply back. I hope you got my postcard that I sent you. I miss you so much! I cry every night because I miss you! I don't cry because of Barbara though but I do miss her! Anyways send lots of kisses to Carlos and Barbara and of course you! I love you mum xx lots of kisses I miss you

Dear mummy and daddy it's Alisha  I am  missing you soo much. I brought a big bar of chocolate for me ....................and daddy
I have only brought 2shiny stones for my self  remember pick me up at 6: 00 on friday
Missing you alisha