For Elliot T-B

posted 4 Jul 2012, 11:02 by Parent Account   [ updated 4 Jul 2012, 11:02 by Dale Collins ]
Hi Monkey!
How are you doing? It's been great to see you in some of the pictures! You did look rather tired yawning in the video clip - hope you're holding up. Perhaps you could write a reply to us before you leave?? We'd quite like to hear from you (not that we're missing you at all!). Mum xx 
Right, now for the fun bit....
What's this?
You yawning when that nice old lady was telling you about the spiral staircase at the Black Country Museum.
Ben is not missing you at all and doesn't want to know if you are having a nice time (he does really).
All I want to know is what the cumulative effect of all those beans will be? Hopefully they will be out of your system by the time we pick you up or we'll be driving home with the windows down.
By the way Paul Scholes dropped by for a cup of tea for the second time this week...pity you missed him. He kept banging on about scoring goals so in the end we had to ask him to leave.
Sleep tight. 
Dad x