For Ines

posted 2 Jul 2012, 13:28 by Parent Account   [ updated 2 Jul 2012, 13:28 by Dale Collins ]
Hello Ines,

Hope you are dry now? And not causing trouble.........

Minxie is missing you and so am I. The house is VERY quiet without you in it. Leo and Sean sent you an email this morning to say thank you for taking them to the park yesterday. They want to go back on all the rides next time they come to see you.

I have booked the euro tunnel tickets so we really are going :) Amoke and Daddy are just home so they are going to say something to you now:

I have just got back from tennis just in time to say " missing you very much already". Amoke has made burgers for dinner, as part of her food technology. Minxy is acting Very strangely, she keeps coming in and out of the cat flap, even though it's raining. The Tom cat across the road has gone missing or has been knocked down by a car, her owner (66) put a note through the door asking if anyone has seen  him. Anyway, have a nice sleep, you must be exhausted. Your mum said brush your teeth thoroughly.

Amoke says: hey monkey, YOUR FACE! Love Mokes and llama

And lots of love from Your MUM (and Dad) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooox X