Heya Luke

posted 5 Jul 2012, 09:12 by Parent Account   [ updated 5 Jul 2012, 09:12 by Dale Collins ]
Hi Luke
Hope you've had a brilliant time away, it looks like u have from the photos. Me Matt and cal have been looking at them everyday. Also hope you've had the great weatther that we've had over yesterday and today. Grandad has been here painting the hallway, tho I think he got most of it all over himself!!
Callum made some snail biscuits in school and I had to eat one! Mmmm, it was nice (not!, it tastes like play dough but we won't tell him that we will we??!!)
Hope u enjoyed Cadbury world, lucky boy. I'd love to go there. Looking forward to seeing u tomorrow. Must say this week has gone very quickly, am glad you're coming home. 
See you tomorrow WHOOP WHOOP! 
Lots of love 

XMuMX xxx
Ps. CAN NOT BELIEVE U HELD A TARANTULA EEEEWWWWW *shudder shudder squeal!!* well done u, u are a braver person than me and ya nanny alma!! Xxxx