Hi Tashe R & everyone in sunny (!?) Stratford

posted 2 Jul 2012, 09:23 by Parent Account   [ updated 2 Jul 2012, 09:23 by Dale Collins ]
Hey Tashe,
Hope you are having a fab time. The pictures look great, although I have to ask; did Josie manage to eat all that chocolate muffin in one go and was she sick afterwards !! Have you managed to demolish all your sweets yet ? Barney is missing you, he managed to get nice and mucky again on our walk this morning ( just for a change!).
Missing you oodles ( although your bedroom is still tidy hurrah !) Mum, Dad, Barney and Willow xxxxxxxxxxoooxxxxx

Hey Tashe it's Becca - hope you are having a fab time in Stratford - bet you can;t wait until Cadbury's World!
Lots of love Becca xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
P.S. Your howrse account is fine!