Olympic Torch

posted 5 Jul 2012, 08:24 by Parent Account   [ updated 5 Jul 2012, 08:24 by Dale Collins ]
Hey Aryan, You are not going to believe this but I actually held the torch!!! The torch bearer stopped just where we were standing and then there was the change over. All so close to where we all were!! I took loads of pictures and videos. Many of us got the opportunity to hold the torch with Matt (torch bearer). How I wished you were here!! I really missed you. There were loads of Police bikes, a double decker, couple of cars and guess what the Eye in the Sky too!!! The weather was fantastic, in fact quite hot. Ann and Hilary have given their flags for you and Ann has especially asked you to pick up chocolates for her from Cadbury world. Now to see the torch from our Balcony! Miss you and love you oodles. See you soon. Love Mumma.