Post for Alisha and Amba

posted 4 Jul 2012, 00:47 by Parent Account   [ updated 4 Jul 2012, 00:47 by Dale Collins ]
Good morning 
How are you both this morning? must be another early morning for you. It looked like you enjoyed yesterday, and looking forward to eating lots of chocolate today. Enjoy yourself in Cadbury world. Do you still remember last time you were there. That was amazing. Chocolate in those little cups do you remember Hmmm. You will enjoy it even more this time as you are with lots of other chocolate monsters. Take a lot of photographs, also photographs of each other. Lishi, I have the new mixer now finally you will love it( Lots of Baking, yeah). Missing you both soooooo much. Woody is very quiet too I think he's missing those two little girls who play in the garden with him all the time. You must have finished breakfast by now. Have a great day today. Cant wait to see more pictures. Love you lots.
Mummy Daddy Woody.xxxx

For Everyone there,
Mr Jarvis and staff ,Yr5 and 6, Thankyou very much for sending those lovely pictures and videos, they are great, we are enjoying them. Looks like you are having brilliant time. Wish you all best of weather and great time.