Post from guernsey?????

posted 3 Jul 2012, 15:16 by Parent Account   [ updated 3 Jul 2012, 15:16 by Dale Collins ]
Hi Luke
Mr J said that ur all intrigued about a post for Luke from guernsey?? R u the only Luke on the trip? If so then what did this post say? We don't know anyone in guernsey unless dad does (which I doubt) and i haven't given details on post info to anyone but auntie Sammy and as u know she doesn't live in guernsey!! How strange!!!! If u or Mr J could let me know what this post was, if it was for u I'd appreciate it. Anyway have a good day 2moro can not believe u held a tarantula *shudder* u definatley wouldn't catch me doing that as u well know. Ur a nutter!! 
Will message u again soon. 
Love u
XMuMX xxxxx