Are you faster than Usain Bolt? And a few other things....

posted 4 Jul 2012, 08:30 by Lena Shete   [ updated 5 Jul 2012, 22:28 by Dale Collins ]
The rest of year 6s have been having a very busy time. 
The title of today's maths investigation was to find out if we are faster than Usain!  Miss Shete told us that if any of us were, she would be contacting the Olympic Committee today! Now as you know, unfortunatley we do not have a 100m running track, so we used the 10m sections of the netball court and used multiplication to find out.  Not sure if this is totally fair but........... 
Interesting fact, (well Miss Shete thinks it is) on his last record breaking run, Usain Bolt only used 40 strides to run 100m, so that means each of his strides was 2.5m.  Now that is incredible!  Quick school journey maths task; how wide is your stride??? 
Yesterday we went to the 'Dr Who experience'.  We absolutely loved it but some of us were just a little bit scared....! We wished you could have come with us.  Do you think you would have been scared?
My class, you will be delighted to know that the whole school (apart from reception) is now logged on to Mathletics.  There is great competition between the classes, and Miss Collins' class was number 41 in the UK yesterday!  Come on!  St Helen's is the best!
It looks like you are having a brilliant time.  We love the photos. We thought that the photo of Mikolay with the tarantula was amazing.  Miss Shete thought he was very brave.  Of course, she could have easily held it too! 
We really look forward to seeing you next week, and can't wait to share the chocolate from Cadburys World!  
Best wishes
The rest of Year 6.