Authors in the making.....Magnificent maths too!!

posted 5 Jul 2012, 02:36 by Lena Shete   [ updated 5 Jul 2012, 02:36 by Dale Collins ]
Another busy first lesson.  Phew!

We started the lesson with amazing 'mathletics' news.  We have four classes in the top 50 in the UK.  So very impressive!  And... it gets even better......... Miss Collins' class were 35th in the WORLD.  Year five and six there is now pressure on us!  We also had year 6 'teachers' working with the younger children to get them started.  We have some wonderful mini-teachers in year 6!  

We are going to follow up our maths investigation today, so we will let you know if there are any potential Olympiads!  

We are also busy designing and making new Mr Men books, which we hope to share with some younger children.  We have realised just how much work there is in designing and making a brand new book, with attractive illustrations.  We have also learned how important it is to proof read our work.and that includes the adults too!  

Best wishes from all of us here!
We'll send another post later.

The amazing remaining year 6s.