Greetings from Mrs Wylie

posted 4 Jul 2012, 08:02 by Janet Wylie   [ updated 5 Jul 2012, 22:32 by Dale Collins ]
Hi there!

At last I have finally been able to log on. It has been great to follow your blog and pictures.

I have to say, I have been pretty envious of your journey so far. Well, and going to Cadbury's World too! That is so unfair...... I sound like a sulky teenager!

We are all missing you. 

Mrs Hiskey, if I had a pound for all the children lining up for spare kit on Monday, then I would be able to retire instead of at 68!!

Mrs Hancocks- your new sports leaders have got the T-shirts all ready outside the ICT  room in your box. So well trained!

Mr Parfitt- Your class have been really amazing, especially in Dance when we joined up with Mrs Merchant. So good at acting sad as Icarus. Don't ask them about their feathers falling off, and sinking into the sea! Your class, after much pestering, have now got their passwords and user names for Mathletics!
 Phase 3 is missing Mr P...... Well some of them are!
Your class can now argue for England thanks to Mrs Merchant and the SHARK!!!
Swimming will be next Monday, and not Wednesday for the year 4s,  due to the Olympic Sports Day. Miss Evans is busy working hard on this and it sounds really amazing. I am sad that I will miss it, hopefully there will loads of photos. (Hint hint Mr Parfitt!)

Mr Jarvis- Hope you have not been taking Mr Parfitt off for a run! He needs more work on the street dance DVD!! Hope the children are all behaving for you.


I don't know how I will manage without all of Mr Babbs' class in RE tomorrow..... perhaps we will have a philosophical debates about big life questions instead!! Sounds a bit deep for lesson 3 on a Thursday. 

Don't eat too many of those snacks (like Josie) mmmmm it looked good!

Enjoy the rest of your school journey. It will be something you really cherish when you look back on your school days!*

Goodness on that note (I am sounding really ancient now)* I had better get on with some exciting marking of numeracy... sorry Miss Shete!
We are all loving Mathletics! Hope you all get the chance to play as soon as you get back, it is really addictive,and my class love spending their credits, all becoming shopaholics!

Have fun!
Mrs Wylie