Important, significant, fundamental questions of the day

posted 4 Jul 2012, 07:24 by Sarah Merchant   [ updated 5 Jul 2012, 22:34 by Dale Collins ]
Message from Mr Budd and Mrs Merchant.
Hello! Aloha! Good morrow!  How now, my Lords and Ladies! We hope that Shakespeare was a pleasant chap when you met him yesterday.  The classroom is much tidier when you are away, but we miss your irrelevant questions, the singing of the same song over and over again, scissor-eating and twittering!
But, how is Mr Kiwi? Has he joined in with all of the activities? Did he eat all his breakfast? (Kiwi fruit).  These are, surely, the most important questions of the day. Can Mrs Hiskey come back early? Methinks we cannot work the photocopier, and there is a huge queue of children wanting spare trainers. Alack!
We are enjoying the photographs.  Why is someone carrying a huge, black labrador outside 'Ye Olde Bottle and Glass' inn?
Mr Budd beseeches you (very dodgy Shakespearian) to keep practising your songs.  'Ripe, strawberries ripe!'
Mrs Merchant requests chocolate from Cadbury's world. Someone has just eaten her last chocolate finger. This is a tragedy (Can you spot the Shakespearian theme running through our message?  - level 6.)
So, to conclude, therefore, a Shakespearian insult of the day, directed at no-one in particular:
'Thou art a greasy talker, ill-roasted like an egg, a pottle-deep foot-licking pigeon and a spongy villain.'
We do humbly thank you. Prithee, anon, cheerio,
Mrs Merchant and Mr Budd