Geo cache boy!

posted 5 Jun 2013, 06:33 by Parent Account   [ updated 5 Jun 2013, 06:33 by Dale Collins ]
Hi Elliot!
just saw great photo of you having found the geo cache! well done you.  looks like you are having a great time. Life here same as normal.......although dad is in Liverpool now (perhaps on one of his secret missions??!). we have rented your room out to a very nice lodger who is keeping it remarkably tidy. he has done lots of jobs around the house and gets his own drinks and food, makes his bed, walks the dog and amazingly doesn't keep asking for things! we think we'll keep him (not really....where would the fun be in that??!). missing you loads and loads! hope Ada is ok after yet another 'arm' adventure! I'm afriad we haven't posted your letter yet  - will pop one in post tonight. have a fun time!
love mum xxxx