Mummy Broughton

posted 3 Jun 2013, 13:21 by Parent Account   [ updated 3 Jun 2013, 13:21 by Dale Collins ]
Hi Mum,
JazJaz here.I've got my tea so no need to worry.I'm not hungry at the moment but that's just because I miss you!!!Becky took me for a WALK after school today!!I miss you mummums (But it's a good miss)                        
Lots of love Jaz

Hey mum,
It's me your beautiful daughter!! Look what I'm doing!! I'm checking up on you making sure your being a good girl! Bunkbed??  
We had tea!! All cooked well,dads now doing the washing up and puttingaway!! 
Lots of love Becky xxx

Dad said Heeya, No snoring tonight you will wake up all the children!! I hope they have all for earplugs!! xxx 

Well I hope your having fun and got there safely.
Lots of Love Becky,Martyn and Jaz xxx

Dale Collins,
3 Jun 2013, 13:21