Oliver L-P

posted 4 Jun 2013, 11:08 by Parent Account   [ updated 4 Jun 2013, 11:08 by Dale Collins ]
Hi Ollie, 
It looks like you are having great fun with all your friends!!!
Not much going on here! Rio's was great last night, Temitations tonight and Kebabs tomorrow, then back to Rio's on Thursday. Oh what fun!!!!!!!!
Radar is missing you and has taken to his bed!! Well actually he is sleeping in your dirty socks that you left on your bedroom floor!!!!!!!!!
NoNo send slobbers and giggles.
Love you loads from 
Mummy, Chris, Noah, Ben, Molly, Casper, Splodge, Bangle, Slinky, Masonett, Jason, Domino, Stumpy, the tree frog, African Land Snails, the Anol, Legless Madagascan Lizard, Fluff, Mr & Mrs, Bob, Bluey, Zeana, Zella, Two Lucky and Radar!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S Trevor is getting soooooooooo fat and tasty looking!!!!!!!!!!:-)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!