Some return messages...

posted 5 Jun 2013, 09:12 by Martin Jarvis   [ updated 5 Jun 2013, 09:14 by Dale Collins ]
Hi mum it's Luke thanks for the message I bet your well jel! I am having lots of fun here my favourite so far was the cable cars. Up there we created this random song ill tell u about it when I get back. Oh and btw don't let Callum mess up my mansions on mine craft I worked weeks on those things!!!!!!! See u when I get back

Hi mum hi dad Mackenzie here how r u all? Thank u for ur postcard dad animal crafting have u got my postcards? When I get back I've got gifts for all of u little ones are plenty hope u have a good time and c u on Friday love from da best Mackenzie XXX

Hi mum it's Kyle your golden child I have just read your mesage and tell bells she is bad and see you soon love you bye from golden child love from kyle

Hey mum, it's Oliver.I read your message I am a bit sad that you are going to rios without me!But don't worry you can book us into rios for Friday night!Iam missing you lots and of course Noah and chris.hope you are ok nd not missing me to much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i have had lots of fun so far!See you soon!
Love you lots Oliver xxxxxxxxxx

Hi mum its Evan its my turn to embarrass you now so who is all that running tidying and basically working I am sorry but no camaraderie and no savouriness I will have 25 pounds when I get back bye