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posted 6 Jun 2013, 11:14 by Parent Account   [ updated 6 Jun 2013, 11:14 by Dale Collins ]
Hi Ada,
Hope you've had a good day. We haven't had a card yet, maybe that's because it's been too painful for you to write? as long as you can still use your ipod,that's the main thing!
Ollie Blob got attacked by crows in the spinney this morning, she really struggled getting up the bank to escape from them ( could have done with the cable car to hoist her up) poor thing was totally wiped out when she reached the top and had to retire back to your bed. She's alright now though, just finishing of Lottie's dinner.
We can't wait to see you tomorrow.
Love you lots
Mum, Dad, Dora, L,O,Dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx