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posted 3 Jun 2013, 16:21 by Parent Account   [ updated 3 Jun 2013, 16:21 by Dale Collins ]
You have missed a fab evening- Rhiannon forgot to do the kitchen floor before going out, and so had to come home and do the floor AND clean the cooker. Dont worry , I laughed on your behalf!!!!!!!!!!!! I did give her the choice between the cooker and clearing the woofer poo- funnily enough, she took the cooker lol!
 Loved the photo, more please, but less blurry-we can't see your gorgeous ikle face!
Have you asked any pointless questions- you have to keep up the Lugo side lol!!
Missing you heaps baby boy.
It looks like it will be very sunny tomorrow so DON'T FORGET THE SUNCREAM, I did notice how you tried to leave it on the side- you can't get anything past me!!
Love you Evsky Wevsky Boo Boo Boo Mummy,Dave, Yan Yan & Annie Lou Bear