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A message from Mr. Kiwi.

posted 8 Jun 2013, 05:38 by Chris Budd   [ updated 8 Jun 2013, 05:38 by Dale Collins ]

Hello everyone, Mr. Kiwi here.   I would just like to thank Ada, and everyone else on the Ilam trip, for making my holiday so exciting.  I enjoyed all the activities and was very much looking forward to being launched into space although it is probably for the best that I didn't go too high. I would have hated being stuck in orbit or up a tree for the rest of my life!  I'll be back in the classroom next week, and I'll see you all then.
Mr. K.

Shakespeare's Birthplace

posted 7 Jun 2013, 05:17 by Martin Jarvis   [ updated 7 Jun 2013, 05:17 by Dale Collins ]

What a morning!!

Rehearsals for our production in the garden of Shakespeare's house... How cool is that?!

Plus, we now know the meaning of 'break a leg'... And that Cameron is the manufacturer of a valuable commodity...

Have a safe journey home!

posted 7 Jun 2013, 00:28 by Clare Flintoff   [ updated 7 Jun 2013, 00:28 by Dale Collins ]

What amazing pictures of Mam Tor!  How challenging was it?  I'm wondering whether some of you might be aching a bit today.  Never mind, you can sit and rest on the coach!  We are looking forward to seeing you and hearing all about your week.  It seems to have flown by in school.  We have tried to make the most of the good weather.  Today Ocean phase are going off to Colchester castle for the day and Reception are having a picnic in the park.  

Parents - as soon as we have updates about the estimated time of arrival back at St Helen's we will update the front page of the website to let you know.  Hopefully this will avoid you having to phone the school.  

Mrs Moore

Something literary

posted 6 Jun 2013, 11:20 by Sarah Merchant   [ updated 6 Jun 2013, 11:20 by Dale Collins ]


Did you know that Arthur Conan Doyle, writer of Sherlock Holmes, said of the Peak District 'If you could strike it with some gigantic hammer, it would boom like a drum.'
Has anyone tried that yet?

Hope you're having a great time. I am off to Peppa Pig World tomorrow, with Jonah and Esme. Lucky me!
See you on Monday!

Mrs Merchant

P.S Evan, I hope you washed your hands.

Missing you Mrs Broughton!

posted 6 Jun 2013, 03:01 by Glenn Parfitt   [ updated 6 Jun 2013, 03:01 by Dale Collins ]

We can see your having a really good time on your trip and can't believe that the week is flying by so fast. We are all missing you and wish we could be with you.
We are also having a good week. Yesterday we went to the docks, today we are painting and tomorrow we are having a 'teddy bears' picnic in the park.
Love the Kingfisher class.

Where's the mathematical clock? Also hello from Year 5

posted 6 Jun 2013, 02:06 by Lena Shete   [ updated 6 Jun 2013, 02:06 by Dale Collins ]

Firstly, where is the brilliant photo of the clock gone? We want to see it!! 

Hope you have enjoyed your trip so far and hope you're having a great time. 

We are now going off on our trip to Christchurch Park. We will be hoping to discover a new species and also hope to find some treasure!  You just never know. 
The weather is truly amazing.  It is much hotter than the Peak District!! (Honestly!) 

It looks like you have created some magical memories, Send us some more pictures please!
Look forward to seeing you next week and hearing all the exciting news. 

Our singing was brilliant yesterday - it's going to be a great show!! 

Have a safe journey back. 

Love from 
Year 5

Magnificent time piece!

posted 5 Jun 2013, 14:30 by Lena Shete   [ updated 7 Jun 2013, 00:18 by Dale Collins ]

Well how excited am I? Maths opportuniites being exploited and the clock.......fantastic!  What  a great find George and Aaron! I can just imagine a competition to create the most imaginative mathematical clock. The possibilities are endless....or timeless!!! Is anyone with me on this?!
Hope you're are still having a wonderful TIME!
The week's going incredibly quickly.
Look forward to seeing you on Friday.
Take care 
Miss Shete

Hello from Mrs Wylie

posted 5 Jun 2013, 12:12 by Janet Wylie   [ updated 5 Jun 2013, 12:12 by Dale Collins ]

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are still having a great time. It looks fantastic there. I really am envious of the view from your rooms. I hope that the weather is as lovely for you as it is here. What a week you picked Mr J! Years 3 and 4 are off to Colchester Castle on Friday and are impressed that the weather is due to hold out for us too. 

Well enjoy the rest of your time there. It is very very very silent at school!!!!!! I expect there to be more e-mails Mr J!!!!!! The staff in boxes are empty!!!!

Mrs Rees - we will look after the library for you on our visit tomorrow afternoon and there will be no late books from my class!!!!!!!

Take care everyone  and have fun ( especially the staff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Love Mrs Wylie

P.S. Hello from my Dolphins too!!!

P.P.S. Do you think I have over used the !!!!!!! button at all?

Hello all...

posted 4 Jun 2013, 15:47 by Martin Jarvis   [ updated 5 Jun 2013, 01:09 by Dale Collins ]

Hello everyone back at school! Sorry we haven't replied today... We've just been so busy!! This place has exceeded our expectations... With the weather we are feeling very lucky to be here... Although mobile signal would be useful!!

Miss Shete will be pleased to know that Mr Budd, Natasha and Josie are feverishly working on mathematical conundrums involving cable cars closing at different speeds, and how many sick bags  you need for travel sick camels... Or something like that...

We should be able to find some interesting facts for Mrs Merchant tomorrow, as we are going to 2 important museums.... And we have found a spiral staircase in the hall... And are just wondering about all the writing opportunities she would make of it were she here!

Well I never!

posted 4 Jun 2013, 14:40 by Sarah Merchant   [ updated 4 Jun 2013, 14:40 by Dale Collins ]

I have just been reading interesting facts about the Peak District.  In the olden days, in the Peak District, some people used to decorate their wells, or even dress them in costumes (yes, the wells) in order to worship water gods.  Isn't that fascinating?  Maybe I should get out more...
I will endeavour to look for a better fact later in the week. 
I just asked my husband why it is called the Peak District,  as there aren't any impressive peaks (Mr Merchant has a PHD in Geography).  Anyway, he just rolled his eyes at me (metaphorically speaking), told me that I obviously don't really understand the word 'peak',  and claims that 'actually' the name has little to do with peaks. Now I feel slightly annoyed.
Hope you are all WELL!
Mrs Merchant

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