Hello, from Mrs Merchant

posted 4 Jun 2014, 13:03 by Sarah Merchant   [ updated 4 Jun 2014, 13:03 by Dale Collins ]
Dear All,

All is well at school. Very quiet without Peter! I am writing your reports this evening and am using a thesaurus to find some impressive words!
I hope Oscar hasn't lost himself yet. Miss Collins, I taught the next part of the Ancient Egypt dance today and your pupils were very good! I hope Will's hair isn't too high functioning. Mr Babbs has cut his hair and was cross that I didn't even notice. Gordon Bennett!  Now,the important question of the day... Does Joe have regulation socks on? This is of the utmost importance!  I have spent £200 on costumes for the production today so we really need to raise that money at your table top sale. Look out for things to sell when you get home - not your family members though!

Are there any famous writers from York? Find out for me! Literacy of the day - ding!

Mrs Merchant