posted 4 Jun 2014, 04:52 by Steve Babbs   [ updated 4 Jun 2014, 07:42 by Dale Collins ]
Hello All,
Ssssshhhhhhhhh! I have hacked into Mr Babbs' account in order to say hello to you all! Technical difficulties have meant that teachers are struggling to communicate with you at present. Mr Collins is sorting it out.
 I am really pleased to see that you are having a great time.  I like Roberta's feathery new friend and wonder if he or she would like a role in the production (bird, not Roberta, as Roberta already has a part)? I can think of a few Romeo and Juliet/bird puns! Can you? Do Yorkie bars come from York? That is my question of the day - ding! Mmmmmmm....chocolate! 

Well, we are very busy back at school.  We are making 3D flowers for Friar Lawrence's garden, spraying everything black and white, including all of Oscar's lost property, which is littering the classroom,  and writing poetry for a competition.  

Anyway - off to dance like an Egyptian now with some Chameleons....only at St Helen's! 

Gordon Bennett (bellowed in a loud voice)!

From Mr Babbs.....only joking....

From Mrs Merchant