Cameron Catch Up

posted 4 Jun 2014, 12:13 by Parent Account   [ updated 4 Jun 2014, 12:13 by Dale Collins ]
Hi Cammers,

It's Ruby-Jeans 6th birthday today and she's had her presents, favourite meal, and birthday cake. Can you guess what she got? [clue: she's playing Mario Kart 8!] Saving the proper party until you're home.

You've got a late birthday present that arrived from Aunty Christine. Aunty Ruth says she is going to steal it!

Hope you are enjoying your holiday. Gran has only just worked out how to view the pictures from three days ago, she's pleased you went punting in Cambridge. Aunty Ruth wants to know if you saw any crocodiles.

Papa wants to know if the teachers are letting you watch the England game? If not, don't worry, Papa has recorded it for you.

Have a lovely week, we all miss you,

Lots of Love and hugs,
Mum, Papa, Dom, Rubes, Gran, Aunty Ruth, Boycie, Marlene, Betty XXXXXXXXXXX00000XXXXXXX