Ismail Hussain

posted 5 Jun 2014, 10:16 by Parent Account   [ updated 5 Jun 2014, 10:16 by Dale Collins ]
Assalamualaikum Ismail, how are you darling? I hope your all fine and in the best of health. I waited again today for your letter but received nothing, I wonder why that is??? I hope you have received my letter.
Anyway, I'm soooo glad it's just one more night to go. Riyad has started playing wiv his cards with an imaginary friend, so you need to get yourself back ASAP.
 I'm glad the weather has turned brighter for you and you continue to enjoy yourself to the max. Hopefully I will receive something from you tomorrow, although it's the day you come
Anyway, can't wait to see you tomorrow. Stay safe until then. Love you forever N always.

Your Mum