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History of the School Council

The School Council was formed in 2006 following a discussion at a governors meeting while Mrs Rowe was teacher/governor and Mr Morgan was the Head Teacher.

Mrs Rowe went on a course to learn how to set up a school council and asked all the teachers to ask their classes if they thought it was a good idea. Everyone thought it was so we had class elections to choose our school councillors. We decided to elect a boy and a girl from year 1-6.

Our first meeting was held in Mrs Rowe’s classroom. Mr Gooding offered to help Mrs Rowe so that there was a key stage 1 teacher and a key stage 2 teacher.

Our first task  was to decide on the three things which were most important to us in terms of improving the school. After much consultation with our classes the three things were chosen;-

  1.  improve the toilets.
  2.  Improve the canteen.
  3.  Improve the playground.

We tackled the first issue by forming a group of parent/ pupil volunteers. School council consulted their classes and arrived at a design to be painted on the walls in the playground toilets as these were deemed the worst. A jigsaw puzzle piece design was drawn and painted on the walls over a course of a few weeks with a lot of hard work put in by the volunteer group. We cleaned the area and were quite pleased with the end result as it was our first campaign. Looking back, it could have been a lot better and unfortunately the support dwindled so that we were unable to complete any other toilet areas.

The canteen improvement was a great achievement and a success story. We were lucky to have a parent in the school who was a professional illustrator for children’s books. The Head Teacher and governors agreed to pay for three days of her time to work collaboratively with us to produce some artwork to go in the canteen and brighten up the walls.


School council chose a story that we felt would be understood in each culture represented at our school. In 2006 our predominant other language was Bengali, so we bought some copies of ‘The Giant Turnip’ in the dual languages and read it in each class throughout each key stage.

The next step was to write a new story which the whole school would contribute to! We called it ‘The Giant Strawberry’ and every class wrote a piece of the story in collaboration with other. The complete story can be found by pressing this link. Once the story was written, every pupil was asked to do a picture to accompany We assigned characters and events from the story to each class and waited for the pictures to flood in. All of our pictures and illustrations were collected by Bee Willey, our illustrator, who compiled them as massive pictures which were then transferred on to five large canvasses and mounted on the walls in the canteen. To celebrate the launch, Sue Jackson, our school cook, baked a wonderful selection of cakes and tarts and we had a whole school strawberry party to launch our new and improved canteen look.


The final area in our original improvement plan was to improve the look of the playground. We decided we would like some plants and flowers to brighten up the gloomy looking playground.

We held some fundraising non uniform days and raised enough money to commission some giant planters to be built. We chose to ask Whitehouse Enterprises to make them for us because we wanted to support community initiatives. Whitehouse Enterprises is a work force of adults with disabilities of various kinds or adults who need the opportunity to improve skills and confidence needed to gain employment.

The company designed, built and delivered 8 large planters which we positioned around the edges of the playground. They were planted with bulbs paid for by more fundraising and each class was responsible for planting and caring for their planter. We bought watering cans for the purpose but experienced varying degrees of commitment from classes in caring for their plants.

Since those days in 2006, 2007 and 2008 we have organised many more fund raising events. We usually participate in Red Nose Day and Children in Need and we a couple of years of Bunday Monday which raised lots of money. We had a Playground Art competition to raise money for St. Elizabeth Hospice when Mrs Rowe walked the Inca Trail for their charity and we also raised money when the new The Treehouse (EACH Children’s Hospice) opened in Ipswich  in 2012. We have helped to support the Go Giraffe campaign organised by Colchester Zoo to raise money for their charity Action for the Wild. We have tried to help people in countries where natural disaster have occurred such as Bangladesh and the Philippines and we organised collections of unneeded school uniform summer dresses to send out to children in Sri Lanka.

Our school council is developing all the time. We now produce an annual school development plan which is published on our website It has always been the philosophy of the staff involved in running the council, that the children should take ownership and be responsible for the minute taking, agenda, distribution of minutes and conduct in meetings. This encourages involvement in citizenship, democracy etc.

At the current time our main campaign is the St Helen's Healthy Eating Project

Please look on our current events page for more information.