Sheep Project

The idea for our SHEEP project (St. Helen's Healthy Eating and Exercise Project) came about as a result of the legacy of the 2012 Olympic Games in London.Schools were given a sum of money to use with the aim of increasing the amount of sport, taking place. We then launched BTBYCB (Be the best you can be) in school which was then adopted as our school motto.

 As the PSHE Coordinator, I could see all of these initiatives taking place and there were many other pockets of work happening around  healthy eating and healthy lifestyles in general. Much press coverage was, and still is, being given to issues around obesity, diabetes and well being, so I thought it made sense to try and coordinate all these things under one umbrella.

Coincidentally we were trying to raise the profile of the School Council as well and it seemed therefore, a good idea for them to initiate and lead 'The Sheep Project'. 
Working in conjunction with LiveWell Suffolk, our school councillors receive training in how to be Health Champions and each half term coordinate an initiative to run across the school.The content of our initiatives is derived from answers gathered as part of a recognised whole school health survey. 

Since its inception Sheep has addressed 'The importance of drinking Water', 'The importance of eating breakfast' and ' 'sugar in drinks'. This year  we are planning to focus on the importance of exercise. We have a 'playground challenge' and a pedometer challenge for everyone to complete and in collaboration with Mr Jamieson, we are compiling lots of data around how much physical exercise our children take outside of the P.E.Curriculum in school.

We will be looking at Healthy Breakfasts later in the year and hope to be producing a recipe book with healthy recipes in it contributed by many members of our school community.

The Sheep project also has a 'steering group' made up of PTA members, Before and After school club staff,  the school cook,parent governor, school, nurse, LiveWell Suffolk and Yr 5 school councillors.

There has been much press interest in the achievements of SHEEP and we had a fantastic official playground launch in July this year, followed by attendance at the LiveWell Suffolk Oscars,which resulted in us winning a trophy for the contribution to health improvement within our school.