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Dear Parent/Carer,

As you may recall, you registered to attend the Psychology in Schools Team workshops recently. As a team, we are running a further series of virtual workshop sessions online over the coming months to support you as parents during this difficult time and beyond.

If you would like to register to attend any of the workshops, you can now do this through Eventbrite, use links below or embedded in the attached programme. Your ticket and booking information will be automatically sent to you once you have registered:

  1. 24th May – Supporting Our Young People with Sleep – 1:00 and 6:00 pm

BOOK TICKET HERE - Supporting our Young People with Sleep

Workshop Summary:

This sleep workshop is aimed at parents and carers who have children over 11 years old who may be

experiencing difficulties with their sleep.

  1. 25th May Workshop - Supporting our Young People with Anxiety

  2. 25th May Workshop - Supporting our Young People with Low Mood

  3. 28th June 1:00 pm Workshop – Building Resilience with our Young People

  4. 28th June 6:00 pm Workshop – Building Resilience with our Young People

  5. 29th June Workshop – Supporting our Young People with Anxiety

  6. 29th June Workshop – Supporting our Young People with Low Mood

If you have a specific question you hope we will answer in the session, please email admin.pst@nsft.nhs.uk, and we will do our best to incorporate it.

And finally, our most recent Podcast Coping with uncertainty - YouTube – an honest conversation about the challenges of uncertainty.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to welcoming you to our future Summer Workshops, don’t forget to follow us on Eventbrite, or find us at Parent workshops | Norfolk and Suffolk NHS (nsft.nhs.uk)

I attach our information leaflet with full details of the programme of workshops and Looking after you.

Thank you for your continued support, and I look forward to meeting with you again soon.

**PS: Don’t forget to follow up on Eventbrite to get early notification of our future events and updates

Kind regards,

Beth Mosley

Dr Beth Mosley

Lead Clinical Psychologist

Suffolk Psychology in Schools Team NSFT

Honorary Senior Lecturer – UEA

M: 07831127534

Norton Road


IP31 3PB

Telephone - 01359 230885

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School/Pupil Briefing Sheet

We are very keen to ensure that all messages appear just as they are written, full of love and character, depicting the individual character of every pupil.

To ensure this we need each school to follow very simple but definite guidelines please:

Ensure all messages from your school are submitted in one Word document. We will print all messages as they are sent to us and will not change or correct any message to ensure that it is all the child’s own work - we know that our readers love children’s grammar of all ages!

Each message needs to follow the same format:

      1. The surname and then first name of the message’s recipient.

      2. Then the child’s message; 25 words maximum please.

      3. Finally, who the message is from.

      4. Wording can be upper or lowercase.

      5. No emojis please as these cannot be printed in paper.

EXAMPLE: Smith, John – Daddy I love you, Happy Father’s Day! Love from Samantha x

Please note: If the parent or guardian does not wish to have their name in paper, you can write the message but leave the name off, or simply put Daddy, Grandad, Uncle, etc.

Once you have collated all the pupils messages please send one Word document to STARschools@archant.co.uk

with the following information in the subject line: SCHOOL/CLASS NAME (if appropriate). For example: HOLBROOK PRIMARY ‘Woodpecker Class’.

Deadline for messages to reach us is close of business Friday 28th May 2021.

Finally, thank you again for your participation in this campaign, we are sure the Dads will be delighted with their surprise messages!

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