At St Helen's, we provide a safe environment in which children can learn. Every member of staff has a responsibility to identify children who may be in need of extra help or who are suffering, or are likely to suffer, significant harm. All staff have a responsibility to take appropriate action and follow the schools' safeguarding procedures.

The Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mr Martin Jarvis. The Alternate Safeguarding Leads are Mrs Kate Hodgetts, Mrs Lena Gunby and Mrs Frankie Gibbons. The named Governor for Safeguarding is Mr Scott Holder. 

If you have any queries regarding the schools safeguarding procedures please speak to one of the Designated Safeguarding Leads or consult the Safeguarding Policy and / or Online Safety Policy.

Online Safety at Home 

Online Safety is about staying safe on the internet. Internet enabled devices such as computers, tablets and smart phones offer lots of opportunities, but also present risks.

In school we proactively filter internet access to ensure that the children are not exposed to any inappropriate or adult material. If you are a customer of BT, Sky, TalkTalk or Virgin Media you can follow this guide to set-up parental controls on your internet access.

We have a comprehensive policy, used across the Trust on how we ensure we keep pupils safe online when in school.

Additional resources for supporting online safety at home are available here:

A Guide to Keeping Children Safe Online 

Online Safety at School

As a school we regularly remind children about issues surrounding Internet safety, some sessions are taught directly and some conversations are had as part of the wider curriculum.  Reminders are frequently given regarding processes and procedures whilst on line.  The school Senso system alerts senior staff to any inappropriate searches or words identified whilst pupils are online and permissions are saught where needed, from parents, to operate certain programs for learning.  Inappropriate sites are blocked and we can add to these blocks as we need.  Pupils are not left unsupervised on chrome books or laptops.