Covid Catch Up Funding

With the COVID pandemic many of our children missed out on the high quality of education provided in school. Although our online provision was good, nothing beats the experience of being with a teacher and getting tailored support and nothing is better than learning alongside friends.

The Government issues all schools with a chunk of money to use in the academic year 2020/21 to help enable pupils to catch up on the vital experiences they missed and help schools find solutions to help get their pupils back on track to being the great learners they are.

At St Helen's we have looked at the evidence gained through September testing and the IMPACTED Wellbeing survey to decide on the best way to spend this money. We looked at evidence based research and drew on the amazing knowledge of our staff to make the extra funding as useful as possible.

Our plan can be found below:

St Helen's Covid Catch Up Spending Plan January 21 for website