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Here we begin the first year (Year 3) and second year (Year 4) of Lower Key Stage Two.


We always look for the positives in your child’s learning as well as the choices they make with their behaviour. We are keen to turn a negative into positive as a way of moving forward.


At this stage of your child’s education, we encourage children to develop their independence. This can range from organising their own equipment to tying shoe laces! We feel this is an important skill for them to develop for later in life.

Kindness and empathy

We promote kindness towards each other and to be respectful towards other people’s opinions and beliefs. We also ensure equity for all, regardless of their needs and backgrounds.

School day

Every morning we teach an English and maths. In the afternoons, we teach science, history, geography, art, DT, RE as well French and music, which are taught specialist teachers. We believe it is important to offer a board and balanced curriculum, whereby everyone’s strengths can be recognised. We focus our learning on many topics throughout the year. We offer exciting trips and arrange for interesting visitors to come in. This is so the children gain first hand experience of real life scenarios.

Topics for this academic year: Cultural Heritage, The Mesozoic Era, A local study: Portman Road, Waters of Plastic.

The staff in this Ocean Phase are as follows:

Year 4

Dolphin Class:

Teachers: Mrs Gunby and Mrs Webb

Shark Class:

Teacher: Mr Southgate (Phase Leader alongside Mrs Phillips)

Year 3

Turtle Class:

Teacher: Mrs Wylie

Octopus Class:

Teacher: Mrs Newman

Supporting teachers & LSAs: Mr Allen, Mrs Walker, Mr Cremer, Mrs Slomka, Mrs Fadia, Mrs Islam and Mrs Broughton.

Welcome to Ocean Phase parent induction 2021 2022

We base our English lessons on particular books.

Year 3 will be using these books.

In the Ocean Phase we love maths. To understand how maths learning progresses in year 3 & 4, visit the White Rose website to see details of questions and concepts. https://whiterosemaths.com/for-parents/

But it is not just English and maths. These images represent a variety of subjects and topics we discover in the Ocean Phase.

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