Rainforest Phase

'The Rainforest Phase is like a mosaic or a colourful tapestry. We have differences but are respectful and tolerant - we work together in harmony and happiness.' (Year 6 pupil) 

'Step into The Rainforest! Pupil voice is strong and we are encouraged to make well-informed decisions as we learn. Just like in a real rainforest, we connect as a team. Teachers give us enough freedom to make choices about what we do so it feels like we own our curriculum - they will say, 'Over to you! How will you take this idea or learning further? What else? What next?' (Year 5 pupil)

From a personal viewpoint, The Rainforest phase is the most industrious place anyone could be at and everybody wants to be the best version of themselves!  This is a great place to learn and has so many thoughtful teachers and additional adults to help you whenever you need it. The only downside of this phase is that it is your last two years in St Helens Primary School, however, pupils are told that they are always part of the St Helen's family!   (Year 6 pupil, class of 2021)

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We Are All Windrush - a Year 6 collaborative poem