Savannah Phase

In the Savannah Phase we begin the next chapter of your child’s education. We move from teaching Early Learning Goals to the National Curriculum. Throughout the phase, we set aspirational but achievable goals for both learning and behaviour. We see the importance of developing independence as an integral part of our teaching so that children are prepared for their future both in school and outside of school.

The structure of the day remains very similar as children move from Air Phase into Savannah Phase. To cater for the varying needs and backgrounds of all children and to offer equity, we mirror similar teaching strategies for the first few weeks until the children show that they are ready to move into more formal learning. The move into formal learning is careful and considered and guided entirely by the children year by year. By Year 2, most learning is formal and inline with the rest of the school.

We deliver a broad and balanced curriculum which includes lessons such as English, maths, science, art, geography, history, music, PE and more. We plan themes which embrace the cultures and diversity within our school and have built a curriculum which has real life meaning for all children. We aim to provide children with real-life experiences by planning exciting trips outside of school to compliment our topics and themes. Finally, we continue to build on children's oracy skills learnt in EYFS, throughout the year across all subjects. By doing so, we create confident, eloquent speakers ready to have their say in the world!

Key Stage 1 comprises of four classes.

Year 1 - Elephant Class & Zebra Class

Year 2 - Lion Class & Giraffe Class

KS1 PoR Text Coverage & Themes